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Title panel:
  • Reverie by Mario and Isabel
Panel 1:
  • No dialog
Panel 2:
  • No dialog
Panel 3:
  • No dialog
Panel 4:
  • Bronjay: Hey Amalia, whatcha doing?
  • Milly: Yeah, whatcha doing?
  • Amalia: Reading.
Panel 5:
  • Bronjay: Reading? I’m not sure what that is…
  • Amalia: Reading.
Panel 6:
    • Bronjay: You know, like a book!?
    • Bronjay: I still have no idea.
    • Milly: No idea.


Panel 7:
  • Amalia: But Bronjay, you’ve read books before.
  • Bronjay: I remember paper giving me headaches.
Panel 8:
  • Amalia: Darling, I think you need this a lot more than me./li>

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