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Title panel:
  • Reverie Garage Sale by Mario/Isabel
Panel 1:
  • No dialog
Panel 2:
  • Bronwen: Hey Bronjay, whatcha got there?
  • Bronjay: Garage sale stuff.
Panel 3:
  • Bronwen: Aww, squishy, we can’t sell squishy.
  • Bronjay: Hey, my vase.
Panel 4:
  • Bronjay: you can’t sell squishy.
Panel 5:
  • Bronjay: My flying bunny baby monitor?
  • Bronwen: Yeah, you can’t let dad sell it.
Panel 6:
  • Bronjay: You can’t sell the bunny.
Panel 7:
  • No dialog
Panel 8:
  • Hoopes: Hey Bronjay, I got you a vase. It looks just like the one in your room.
  • Bronjay: Great, thanks!

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