Title panel:
  • Reverie by Mario and Isabel
Panel 1
  • No Dialog
Panel 2
  • Bike tire: POP
Panel 3
  • Bronwen: Oh no, I got a flat
Panel 4
  • Sign: Bronjay and Hoopes Repairs
Panel 5
  • Sign: Bronjay and Hoopes Repairs
Panel 6
  • Bronjay and Hoopes: It’s going to cost $100 due to parts, services, and other things…
  • Bronwen: But, bike was only 20…
Panel 7
  • Bronwen: Amalia I need your help, Bronjay is ripping me off!
Panel 8
  • Amalia: Bronjay! I’ve done all the math and you should be charging $15!
  • Bronjay: Ah… well…
  • Amalia: Shame on you!

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