Title panel:
  • Reverie By: Mario and Isabel
Panel 1:
  • Milly: Thanks for walking me to dance class.
  • Amalia: No problem.
Panel 2:
  • Milly: You’re usually so busy!
  • Amalia: Yeah, I guess it’s just one of those days…
Panel 3:
  • Amalia: …a “relaxing” day…
Panel 4:
  • Random student: So, class is canceled?
Panel 5:
  • Amalia: don’t worry, I’m a certified substitute teacher!
Panel 6:
  • Milly: Really? Amalia, you do not know a thing about ballet.
Panel 7:
  • Amalia: Done!
Panel 8:
  • Amalia: and this is the arabesque penchee…
  • Random student: Teacher, My leg doesn’t not bend like that.

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