Title panel:
  • Reverie By: Mario and Isabel
Panel 1:
  • Bronjay: Now we must be careful, Sir Hoopes.
Panel 2:
  • Bronjay: Wait! Do you hear that?
  • Hoopes: Something’s not right…
Panel 3:
  • Monsters: Rrrraaaggghhh!
Panel 4:
  • Bronjay: Shouldn’t have made it mad!
  • Hoopes: I didn’t know it could do that!
Panel 5:
  • Bronjay: Well, I guess this is it.
  • Hoopes: Yes, goodbye, Sir Bronjay.
Panel 6:
  • Amalia: What are you two doing?
  • Bronjay: Playing.
  • Amalia: Oh.
Panel 7:
  • Amalia: Well you can’t just sit there and die!
Panel 8:
  • Bronjay: Awesome.
  • Amalia: It seems you just got a new adventurer.

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