The Vortex Captures

The Vortex (Captures)

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"The Vortex (Captures)"
Reverie comic
Artist: Isabel Ruiz | Writer: Mario J. Lucero
Comic # 79
Character(s) Milly
Release date February 25, 2013
Panel(s) Four story panels.
Comic chronology
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"The Bronwen Part II" (comic)
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"Milly Is Missing!" (comic)
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"The Vortex (Captures)" is the third Reverie comic of 2013, and the seventy-ninth overall comic of the series. It was released on February 25, 2013. It is preceded by "The Bronwen Part II", and followed by "Milly Is Missing!". The comic features the characters Milly.


Milly is having a solo picnic, until a wanderer comes along. The wanderer just happens to be Bronwen's vortex.


Story arc

Vortex is a Reverie story arc.

Bronwen's vortex generator is accidentally activated.

The story was told in the comics:

  1. "Time Vortex"
  2. "Flying "Saucer""
  3. "The Vortex Is Hungry!"
  4. "The Vortex Saves The Day!"
  5. "The Bronwen"
  6. "The Bronwen Part II"
  7. "The Vortex (Captures)"
  8. "Into The Vortex"
  9. "Adorable Monster"


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